Directions leaving Santa Rosa, Ca Get on Highway 101 heading north for about 35 minutes and on the way you will pass cloverdale and enter the town of hopland were your first turn it, you make a right turn on on River Rd. Follow that for about a mile and it will turn into main St. Then you will come to a round about thats has 4 way turns and take the one towards lakeport, its called Hopland 175, so after about a 18 mile drive over hopland mountain. Once your over hopland you will come to a street light. Turn right on the street light towards kelseyville. Keep driving a mile down there will be another street light called Highlands Springs Rd. Drive down that road for a way untill you come to a fork in the road, go left on the fork and there will be a dirt spot to park, park there. Now walk up the paved road past the silver gate and towards the top will be a rusty old single bar gate, walk around it and then up a little ways you look down and see the platform, now once your on the platform look towards the lake and on the mountains left side you will the see the plank, swim over to it and enjoy. Also this lake has great blue gill and bass fishing and Frisbee golf. ENJOY!

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Nearest Address
Highland Springs Park Lakeport, CA United States
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Highland Springs Park
United States



CA Highlands Springs Cliff Diving in California

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