From Keystone, approximately 20 miles from Rapid City, take HWY 40 out of town towards Hermosa. About 3.5 miles out of town you will come down a very big hill with a bridge at the very bottom of the canyon that you dip through. Just before the bridge is a small pull-out with a “Trailhead” sign and a fenced off parking area. Once you park, it is about 3 miles along the trail that starts at the parking area. Once you get to Hippy Hole, there’s a big pool of water (think Olympic sized pool) surrounded by cliffs. The best place to jump is from the top of the highest rocks just beside the waterfall. This jump is about 30 feet into probably that much water. Behind where you jump there is a small cave, around behind the rock that the cave is in is a path that leads to the highest spot you can jump from. Beware, the jump is sketchy if water levels are low. It is from the leaning pillar that leans over the water, but unless you hit it at a run the landing zone is only 6-8 ft deep when the water is low. Have fun! And try to keep the place clean.

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