This is located at the Loch Raven Reservoir near Timonium, MD. The cliffs are pretty decent,
ranging from about 10-40 ft, though the jump spots are not clearly marked so first time visitors may have to improvise if there isn’t anybody around to show them. The scenery is beautiful, the water is clean, clear and still (it is a reservoir, after all), and the views are more reminiscent of someplace tropical than a Baltimore suburb. The area also makes for some nice, leisurely swimming, and on the other side of the water directly across from the cliffs there are some rope swings too. But, being that it is a reservoir, it might be a good idea to always have somebody keeping an eye and an ear out for park rangers coming through on boats – they can fine you if they catch you in the water.

To get there you would take exit 28, Providence Rd (north), from the north side of the Baltimore Beltway (I-695). Follow Providence Rd about 3 miles until it ends in a “T” with Loch Raven Dr. Make a left on Loch Raven Dr and follow it about 2 miles until you cross a bridge over the reservoir. As soon you cross the bridge you will see a beach on your left and a mountain biking trail heading into the woods on your right (this is the trail you want). Park along the road somewhere, it’s free and legal most days and times out of the week, and you will likely see lots of other cars parked there by other people enjoying the beaches and trails around the park. Take the trail about 1/2 a mile uphill until you see another path break off to your right with a big “No Trespassing” sign posted on one of the trees (an ironic but nonetheless very convenient landmark). Hang a right there and go about 50 yards or so downhill until you see the cliffs and the water. To get to the jump spots you have to climb down the rocks a few feet, but it isn’t very difficult at all. Once you’re there, you’re there! Be safe and have fun!

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Nearest Address
Morgan Mill Rd & Loch Raven Dr Baltimore MD 21057
street address
Morgan Mill Road
United States



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