From Pocatello, ID take I-86 west to exit 28. It will be marked as Massacre Rocks State Park. You take a right down register road and pull up to a small toll pole. You go through it and take a right at the road. Follow it all the way through the windy road where it says to go 15. On your left you will see the visitors center and campsites. Go down past the campsites until you find a parking lot with a basketball hoop right next to the river. Park there. From there you look for the biggest mound of rocks to your right (if your facing the water) and it will have a small viewers sign on the very top. Hike near that passing a couple campsites and once you reach it you must slide/walk down the other side until you reach the rivers edge. the smallest one is maybe 40 feet in the air. The river will be cold but swim out until you cant touch the ground anymore. If you cant touch the ground then it is most likely safe to jump. If those arent enough- there are shorter rocks to the right where it ranges from 10 ft to 30 ft. All in all this is a great spot to go cliff jumping for beginners. It involves a little hiking and boulder scrambling but its worth it. Just look out for the park rangers as well as other individuals in boats.

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Massacre Rocks State Park Power, ID United States
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Massacre Rocks State Park
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Massacre Rocks State Park Power ID Massacre Rocks State Park Cliff Diving in Idaho

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