Miller State Pond- Durham,CT. From Route 9: Take Exit 11. Follow 155 West. Turn left onto Millbrook Road. Bear left onto Foothills Road. Parking area is on the right. Once you are parked, enter the state park and follow the trail. (A minute or two into the hike you will come to an opening with your lake on the right and a grassy knoll on your left. If you look out into the lake, the cliffs are somewhat visible, just to give you an idea as to where they are. Continue to hike for about five minutes. Eventually you will come to a split in the path and there will be a white arrow painted on a tree; follow it and go left. Hike for about 5 – 10 more minutes following the path until you get to a wide opening overlooking the lake. There is a 10 ft. jump and a 20ft. jump. There is also a ledge of about 25 feet, which is also a good 10 feet inland. The pictures on this site are of this jump. You need a long running jump to clear the ledge (and some bushes). You are allowed to swim in the lake, but I'm sure the park rangers would have a problem with cliff jumping, but all the times we have went, we never had a problem. Enjoy.

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Millers Pond State Park Durham, CT United States
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Millers Pond State Park
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Miller State Pond Durham Jumping at Miller State Pond Durham CT CT Miller State Pond Cliff Diving in Connecticut

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