These pictures were taken at the "gorge" in scranton Pa. Getting there is very easy. From Nj take 80 west to 380 south, then its I81/I84, the signs are easy to follow, telling you constantly what to take. Once on I81/I84 its the scranton expressway exit. that takes you straight into town.. When you come up to the first light, you have to make a right onto mulberry street and go all the way up it for about 3 miles. you will pass a hospital on your left and then come up public swimming pool and zoo. drive to the parking lot on your right when you enter, and there are steps that go down and the view is the wide shot as soon as you get down the hill. The water is beautiful and great. A little hard to swim in though cus of the current from the waterfall (its about 15 feet high maybe more) but its fun to sit inside it and chill. the cliff of me doing a flying squirrel is about 30 feet but the one across from that is 60 and the one behind it (known as "killer" to the locals) is 90 feet. its an amazing jump, about a 4 second hang time. make sure to wear sneakers cus the water is hard when you hit it…also where the wide shot is taken, the cliff is about 40 feet but there is an incline on the cliff allowing you to sprint and fly for a long time..theres a rope swing also deeper in the woods…and the waters good to drink!

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1901 Mulberry St, Scranton, PA United States
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1901 Mulberry St,
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