Interstate State park, commonly know as Pothole Park, in St. Croix Falls, WI. To get there, take Interstate 35 north from the Twin Cities until you reach the US 8 exit north of Forest Lake. Follow this into Wisconsin. After crossing the St. Croix River, take your first exit to the right onto State 35 south. Turn right into the state park after about a mile. From here there are two good placed to jump: 1) Drive to the large parking lot for the beach, then follow the trail to the right of the lake that the beach is on. Follow this trail until it leads to an intersection that leads into the woods on the right. Follow this trail out to the cliffs on the river. You know you're there when you see a large boat dock on the other (Minnesota) side of the river. Here there is a 12 ft jump for wimps, a 23 ft jump that most people do, and there's a 41 foot jump that's further upstream. You'll have to climb up the pile of boulders behind you until you find a triangular rock near the river that slants somewhat toward the river. You'll have to climb across a small gap to get to it. 2) Drive past the beach all the way to the picnic area. Walk to the river and follow the trails upstream to the cliffs. There's tons of places to jump from here ranging from 6 ft to 40isth ft. Be creative. The river is quite deep about 3 feet from the cliff side throughout most of this area, so it's pretty safe. Jumping is illegal in Minnesota, and in Wisconsin, so watch out for park rangers.

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307 Milltown Road Taylors Falls, WI United States
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307 Milltown Road
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