I’m not sure why this place is called Red Rock but It’s so awesome that it doesn’t matter! Red Rock boasts a 25 foot bridge, a legitimate Rope Swing that drops you 30ft above the water, and 2 jumping platforms high up in a tree one 60 feet and the other 80 feet. The bridge is over a river that connects with the Delaware a few miles South. The water below the bridge is only 10 – 12 feet deep, so the 25 ft leap should be done with a shallow jump, and ending with bent knees (the water is extremely clear here so you can see all the rocks and other crap at the bottom, it sketches some people out, but once you see other jump you’ll know it’s safe) As you get away from the bridge towards the other features the water gets significantly deeper, 25 – 30 feet deep. From the bridge about 50 feet down the shore is the rope swing. To get to the rope swing you walk through the woods up a small path, and there’s a long stick you can use to pull the swing towards you. Further down that path you can get to the tree that has the jumping platforms. Climb one person at a time, and you can jump from the wooden platforms at 60 ft and 80 ft.

DIRECTIONS:From NJ – take RT 80 West into PA, and take the 2nd exit (#309).From PA – take rt 80 or 447 if its closer to you. From rt 80 take exit 309 for Marshalls Creek. When exiting you’ll be on 209/447 and you will come to a traffic light after about 100 yards. At that traffic light you have to make a left to stay on 447. Follow 447 through East Stroudsburg, then you’ll come to a stop sign at a Wendys where you have to go either left or right, go right to stay on 447. Next the road will fork a bit but stay straight to keep on 447. Finally after that fork you’ll start to see train tracks on your left. You are now in Analomink PA, you’ll see some small building on your left, and then train tracks will part with you and go off into the woods. At the Analomink Post Office make a left onto Cherry Lane Road. You will want to park somewhere on that road. As you follow that road it will take you over a bridge where you can see the actual jumping bridge on your left. Parking is kind of tricky because they threaten towing at any place privately owned. You can try and park at the Post office, or up past the bridge at the Golf Course on your right. Both places warn of towing but I have parked at both of these places without losing my car. Once you park find the Train Tracks and follow them back towards the bridge. You might see me (Kyle) and my friend Andy there filming stuff. He gainers/backflips/frontflips etc and I film it all with various cameras (HDV 60fps and a Waterproof HD video camera) Enjoy and Safe Jumping!!

Jump Stats

Shear Drop Off


Nearest Address
1635 Cherry Lane Rd Analomink, PA 18320
street address
1635 Cherry Lane Road
United States



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