Redgranite from the east town mall in Madison.
Start out going NORTH on E TOWNE MALL 0.3 mi
Turn RIGHT out of the parking lot then turn left on to ZEIER RD 0.3mi
Turn RIGHT onto US-151 N/E WASHINGTON AVE. 0.8mi
Merge onto I-39 N/I-90 W/I-94 W via EXIT 97B toward WISCONSIN DELLS. 26.9mi
Take the WI-78 S/I-39 N exit, EXIT 108A-B, toward MERRIMAC/US-51/PORTAGE/WAUSAU. 0.2mi
Merge onto I-39 N via EXIT 108B toward US-51/PORTAGE/WAUSAU. 28.3mi
take the CR-E/CR-J exit, EXIT 113, toward WESTFIELD .3mi
Turn RIGHT onto CR-E E/ CR-J E. 0.2mi
Turn LEFT onto CR-E 10mi
Turn LEFT onto WI-22/ CR-E. 1mi
Turn RIGHT onto CR-E. 5.4mi
Turn LEFT onto WI-73/ S MAIN ST/ CR-E/ CR-N. 1.1mi
Turn RIGHT onto N LIMIT RD/ CR-E/ CR-N. 0.5mi
Turn LEFT onto CR-N. 3.0mi
Turn LEFT onto CR-N/ CR-Z. Continue to follow CR-Z. 3.8mi
Turn RIGHT onto WI-21. 3.5mi
Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST.
Then follow main street. you will see a sign that says red granite correctional institute and a set of stop lights. keep going straight and the quarry will be on your right. its by the post office then you take a left. This place is alot of fun. the cliffs range from about 10ft to 25ft. there is a tree you can jump out of that is about 35-40 ft. There usually is quite a bit of people there on a nice sunny day. the water is usually fairly warm. I hear the water is about 100-300 feet deep. you dont need to worry about hitting any rocks or anything.

Here is the link to the website REDGRANITE QUARRY

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