This is Roosevelt lake. Directions from Phoenix, Arizona Head East on HWY 60, drive through Miami, just East of the Walmart, take a Left at HWY 188 turn off, follow 188 about 30 minutes until you get to the large suspension bridge right before the bridge turn left into the parking lot with the observation deck just before the dam. It is actually between the bridge and dam. Park and follow the trail toward the bridge, its easily spotted, follow the trail down until you are under the observation deck. You can jump from most of the walls and rocks. Check the depth as they release water frequently.

Note: This spot may be illegal. We haven't found out yet, and we intend to keep it that way. If you see and forest rangers or SRP trucks DONT JUMP! In fact, try to stay away from the cliffs if authority is around. Tourists love us, they'll take pictures of you and clap. BE NICE TO THEM! If you leave garbage at our spot or disrespect it expect consequences to be harsh. With that said we can't wait to see you out there. If you need help call 928-242-5509 and i'll be glad to go jump with you and show you our local only spots.

There is also a wall at this spot that is roughly 40 feet LONG which means there is a multitude of places to leap from. The height from the wall is 40. There are also spots that are 65 and up there if you dare jump over the wall. The name atlantis came about because this spot was once a road back in 1911 they used when building the dam. The water feeding into the lake eventually filled it up to capacity (more than 19,000 acres) which submerged many buildings, some you can see some you can't. A small graveyard (5 graves) where workers that came from China when building the dam were buried there (along with a full graveyard on the northeast hill by the bridge) so thus it became atlantis. The bridge is not jumpable as it is about 160 feet tall athough there is a rope swing on the support under the bridge and if you have the courage to climb the steep slope up to the supports you can jump off them. Which I should say is illegal and although you'll probably only get warned, be careful.

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Theodore Roosevelt Lake Tonto National Forest, AZ United States
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AZ Roosevelt Lake Tonto National Forest

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