Saint Mary's Glacier-
just past Idaho Springs
jump height 32ft
water depth 15ft

What's up ya'll! lots of cool spots in COLORADO to jump at, problem is they are mostly in the mountains, so BE READY FOR COLD WATER even in the peak of summer! Take 1-70 west bound out of Denver until you get into the hills, just past Idaho Springs you'll see an exit for Saint Mary's Alice. Take this exit and follow it for a couple miles up the twisties until you see a small lot with a good number of hikers, and cars on the left. There is a nice path up to the GLACIER, and its an hour hike with a little scrambling at worst. MAKE SURE THE WEATHER IS HOT! THIS IS GLACIER RUNOFF!! and pretty FN cold. When you come to the top of the trail you'll be at the foot of the lake, the rocks on the left side are were you jump from. GO AROUND THE LAKE TO THE LEFT for easier access. One good pearch to jump from its 32 ft. into about 15 of ICE COLD WATER. SO FUN!! this spot is beautiful but the weather moves quickly so be ready. Haven't been told I shouldn't jump there yet so all is good, this is the closest spot from denver I know of that is legit to jump at. see you there. AAS eric

Jump Stats



Nearest Address
7599 Fall River Road Idaho Springs, CO United States
street address
7599 Fall River Road
Idaho Springs
United States



Saint Mary'S Glacier Idaho Springs

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