Take the 5 freeway to the 57 north. You will pass the 60 (stay on the 57) then exit on Via Verde. It's the Raging Waters exit. Turn Right on Via Verde, and a quick Right on San Dimas Dr. Proceed 2 miles and turn Right on Puddingstone, then make an immediate Left onto Tanglewood. If you're using mapquest or navigation type in 100 Tanglewood Dr. San Dimas CA 91773. Park anywhere on Tanglewood, we usually park in front of the apartments. Walk down tanglewood turn right on Puddingstone and Left on San Dimas (the same way you just drove) approx 1/4 mile down on the R hand side take the trail. The trail will lead you to a pipe which used to carry the water from Raging Waters (there is now tagging all over it.) Walk on the pipe then continue on the trail. You will come across two pipes along the way, walk on both of them. Continue along, until you make it to the waterfall. If you can't seem stay on the trail you can follow the creek. The creek leads you to a waterfall which is where you jump. There are different spots and levels to jump from, and a rope ladder to help you climb back up. There's also a way to walk around back to the top if you don't like climbing the cliff. The smallest jump is about 20 feet and they go all the way up to about 60 feet.

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Nearest Address
100 Tanglewood Dr. San Dimas, CA United States
street address
100 Tanglewood Dr.
San Dimas
United States



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