This bridge is the longest and I think tallest in Utah. It is located just outside (West) of the city of Duchesne on Highway 40. It goes across Starvation Resevoir. If you don’t know where Duchesne Utah is, look it up on Google maps. It is approx. 100 miles of Salt Lake City. Going East from Salt Lake of Provo Utah you will hit the city of Heber. Continue East on Highway 40 and you should reach it in about at hour (from Heber) The landscape will change about three times before you get there so be patient. There is also fishing boating and camping at the reservoir.

The first time we jumped we were stopped by police and told that we would be arrested if we jumped. This was threatened to us by the officer who he himself confessed of jumping from the same bridge when he was younger. As soon as his car was out of sight, we jumped, Duh.

Warning: Cops do not like you jumping off this bridge, but you can see far in both directions so if someone is watching it should be okay.

Warning: This bridge is high. It hit with so much force my knee was almost slammed into my face. Wear shoes if you jump. The lake in this area is at the bottom of a valley where there could be a lot of gusty wind, gusty wind that possible could turn you sideways in mid-air, causing a very painful landing.

Warning: I grew up in this area, and have heard many, (2 or 3) accounts of people dying from jumping off this bridge, I have yet to varify if that is true or not, but it very well could be. I knew of no one in the nearby city, of my high school friends that had jumped of this bridge for obvious reasons. Heck, I only did after I came home to visit from college, and then I still almost wussed out. Now that I have the jumped caught on film, I’m not ever doing it again…..unless its caught on video next time ?

My buddies and I jumped off this for the first time when we
were 18. I never got a picture of it so I had to jump again when I was 23. The water level changes a lot in this resevoir so the height can be anywhere from 70 to 80 ft. When we caught this jump on film the water was super low, thus making the jump a lot more scary. I have jumped off of a lot of tall things into water before, but this time was insane. I have never dropped so far and so fast. The speed that you pick up as gravity pulls you down is an eery feeling.

To calculate the height from this Pic: We jumped from the ledge just below the hand railing at the very top, so like 1? maximum from below the railing. We were about 8? to the right of the closest pillar jumping straight out. so use perspective to where we would land to calculate. As the picture of the bridge construction shows, it is deep enough to jump almost anywhere, except right near the edges.

Jump Stats

Little Squirrely


Nearest Address
Starvation Reservoir, Utah 84021, USA
United States



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