Hiya, fellow air addicts,,,,ha!, Ok, to get to the “Arch” in San Diego, Ca., simply take 8-West, until it ends, you’ll come to a light, and make a left. Stay in the right hand lane and proceed forward. You’ll be on Sunset Cliffs blvd. Follow Sunset Cliffs blvd approx. 2 miles (you’ll be heading south)until you see the ocean lookout parking spots. There’s one every 100 yards or so. it’s the 3rd spot down, in front of some Ocean front mansions, literally. you’ll see signs warning that jumping from cliffs is a fine, etc.
It’s also a popular surfing spot, as well as fishing. You’ll see what we call “Birdpoop Rock” on the left, (self explanatory)and Ocean Beach pier to the right. the arch cuts all the way thru the sandstone, and it’s a great pool for snorkeling and diving, just watch the surge and tides. The pool maxes out at less than 20 feet at hi-tide, and there’s 4 or 5 levels to jump from. It’s not patrolled as heavy in the winter by the bike cops, but they like to stop a few lots down, and watch with binoculars, so be careful. The
climb back out of the water is easy, and for those underwater treasure hunters, there’s alot of jewelry to be had, such as necklaces and watches, I myself have lost a few over the years,duhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ha. It takes about 2 minutes to draw a crowd of spectators, always nice to surface to an applause, eh????

Jump Stats

Little Squirrely


Nearest Address
1200 Block Of Sunset Cliffs Blvd San Diego, CA 92107
street address
1200 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard
San Diego
United States



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