As you're coming into Tillamook on Highway 6 you'll see a truck weigh station. Before you get to the weigh station, you're going to turn Left onto Olsen Rd. When you get to the stop sign, go straight onto Trask River Rd. There's going to be a little road off to your right called Circle Dr. Keep going from the stop sign a mile and a half, and you'll see signs to a road that goes off to the left. Turn left. That's Trask River Rd. This follows the Trask River all the way up. Follow Trask River Rd. 10 miles up to an RV park. Turn Left into the RV park, and park in the day use area right on the Right when you turn in. There's a little trail behind the dumpster that takes you down to the swimming hole and you'll see where the picture was taken. BE CAREFUL!!! Also, the pillar is pretty hard to get up on. You have to climb up a rope, hold yourself up with one arm and put your foot in a little rope loop with the other hand, and then pull yourself up. Like I said, be careful, and if you go up there, HAVE FUN! UPDATE!! The rope is gone! I think we need to make a ladder to get up that thing!! If you go up there, take something to get up it. If you do let us know what you did?

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Trask River Rd Tillamook, OR United States
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Trask River Rd
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Trask - Tillamook : Jump Spot Tillamook

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