Two Buttes Res.
far south eastern Colorado
jump heigth from 10-65ft
water depth from 10-'bottomless'

This spot is very interesting, to far for a day trip if your on the front range. GREAT place to camp and relax for a day or two. No camping fees or rangers that I've seen.

The wierd thing about this place is its in the middle of nowhere. NO WATER IN SIGHT for hours on the drive, then when you finally get down to the red sandstone rock its truly amazing that such a great jump hole is smack dab in the middle of dry, flat-land Colorado. Hense the name UTOPIA.

So where ever your coming from in Colorado you need a map to get there, its in the south east corner of Colorado in between Lamar and Springfield. Do your research and plan. When your in the area cruising on US 287 you will drive thru the windmill farm. If you survey the terrain you'll see- out east- two large mountains out in the distance. THATS TWO BUTTES!! This is where you want to go. There is a sign that says Two Buttes Wildlife Area at the proper turn off. It's County RD. B 5 Then you go down the dirt road for about 3 miles, the road will Y and you want to go right. Follow the road a little further and there will be a small bridge you can cross, you can turn left just before the bridge and go BELOW the cliffs and down were you can camp. If you go OVER the BRIDGE the road goes down a couple hundred yards and off to your left is a little dirt lot to park. Your ABOVE the cliffs and have to climb down to them, kind of tricky but not bad. This spot is pretty RAD, only thing is its kind of trashed because the locals are pretty careless. Once the waters stirred up and moving its all good. so do me a favor and CLEAN UP UTOPIA!! please pack in and out all your trash and take some of the locals trash too! TEACH THEM ITS WORTH KEEPING CLEAN! Jumps rangs in size from 10-65 Ft. water depth is the issue, talk with the locals and get an idea whats what. ALWAYS CHECK WATER DEPTH FOR YOURSELF. Its easy and worth the time. water depth ranges from 10ft to well over 25 ft. The locals have some wild stories about the depth and whats all down in this 'bottomless hole'. worth the visit. Might just see you there. AAS-eric

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Nearest Address
Co Rd B 5/10 Lamar, CO United States
street address
Co Rd B 5/10
United States



Utopia - Two Buttes Res. Cliff Diving in Colorado Utopia - Two Buttes Res. Lamar CO

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