Question by : What are some fun family things to do in NYC or Boston?
I am 14, and my family is going to Manhattan soon to have fun before school starts. I have a little 5-year-old, and my mom who can’t really do anything to crazy (cliff-jumping, huge malls, etc) because she has RA, scoliosis, etc. We might also go to Boston instead, so I want to hear about that as well. We live in CT, so it’s the same distance. No links please.

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Answer by craigalin
I recommend the Bronx Zoo. It’s free on Wednesday and Saturday mornings but worth the money to get in on other days. Very near the Bx Zoo is the New York Botanical Gardens. They are very relaxing and pretty to just wander around. If you’re staying in Manhattan, Central Park has the Swedish Cottage and Central Park Zoo. Both the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo have really nice Children’s Zoo’s. Hope you have fun!

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