Question by vintagelove1969: what are some fun outdoor places to do things in alabama or Tennessee?
I want to do something outdoors and away from the city. I want to do exciting things. Ive been white water rafting in the ocoee and camping. I just got back from California where ive been cliff diving and mountain climbing and quite frankly im getting restless since i got back to alabama 3 days ago. Help?

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Answer by Taylor B
I’ve got a few


The Cathedral Caverens – Biggest cave opening in the world, very amusing (Alabama)

The Lost Sea Adventure – Better than cathedral, as an 800 foot wide and 70 ft. deeplake inside of the cave! Also 500 ft. below the surface. (In a very nice town called Sweewater, Tennessee.)

Also check out Downtown Florence, Alabama. Really good restaurant called Trobridges set to take place in the 70’s.
In Nashville there are a lot of country stores.. Also the Nashville mall has a Bass Pro Shop store, huge. Also there is a restaurant connected to the mall that is an aquarium! The Nashville zoo is great

Back to the Outdoors:

Desoto State Park – A lot of hiking, and nice mountain overlooks. You will also pass the Cathedrals on your way there

The Smoky Mountains – A little back more in Tennessee but worth the drive.. You will find neat things like Skylifts, hiking trails, a place called Rock City (City of rock), and A famous waterfall called Ruby Falls.

The Natchez Trace – Near the border of Tenessee and Alabama. Has TONS of hiking trails and many ponds, mountain overlooks, and nature etcs.

Many Fisherman come to Alabama to fish. The Tenessee river is great for that

As I mentioned earlier, Downtown florence, There is a restaurant beside that. Rather expensive. The restaurant is a huge tower you have to take an elevator to the top.. And you are in a room that overlooks the whole town.. You are hundreds of feet in the air and the room spins very slow. This is called the Renaissance Tower.

I hope I helped, I know I didn’t mention it ALL being outdoors.. It’s because there is not much outdoor extremes to do here..

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