What I'm not
Likewise, I not about to jump off a bridge with a rubber band tied around my waist, drop from a helicopter with skis on my feet, dive off a ledge that's 1,300 feet above the water or rappel down a sheer cliff. I'm just not good at those sorts of thing …
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Cal Sheriff pleads for $ $
He added that the dive team hasn't been able to maintain its equipment either. Dispatch staff have accrued more than $ 30,000 in overtime in the past year and episodes like the recent Leila Fowler … Despite that mild chippiness, audience members who …
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Sexual Harassment Is A Grassroots Political Movement
One of the biggest misconceptions out there about sexual harassment is that it's mostly intended as a kind of flirting, an attempt by the harasser to get positive attention and maybe even consensual sex. If you believe that, you're much more likely to …
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