Question by Elle W: What kind of adventures can you do in Hurghada?
I’m going to Hurghada next month and I’m really excited about it, been there last year and it was very relaxing but this time I want it to be a little more adventurous, what kind of adventures can you do there? other than diving and safari .. I want something more like cliff jumping of some sort, stuff like that. Egyptians, can you help me? and what’s the weather like in June? because last year I went in February and it was kind of chilly at night.

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Answer by ???????????
You can ride an Egyptian man. Sexual tourism of course! I am Lamiaa, a mother of two teenagers.. My husband can’t satisfy me anymore. Now I always go there to have some fun time and sleep with some random men. Yet I notice that the Egyptian males there are kind of racist. They are reluctant about sleeping with me though they keep f** all the Russians and Europeans there. Its very hard for an Egyptian mom like me to have a mate in Hurghada. Still I like it there. All the drugs and free sex there.

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