Question by Kelsie L: Where can i find the 17th chapter in “New Moon” from the twilight series?
Ok so i have already read all the books. But i was on Stephenie Meyers web site and read some of the outtakes and i forgot exactly happened when Alice returns in New Moon After Bella cliff dives. And i barrowed the books from one of my friends so i can’t just pick the book up and read it. So i was just wondering if anyone new where i could find just the 17th chapter where Alice returns. PLEASE!!!
No thats not what it is i am looking for a chapter in a book called just “New Moon” and it is part of the Twilight series.

And i live in the middle of now where and i cannot drive yet so i can’t exactally just go out to a libary or a book store to find it.
I would’nt mind downloading and paying for it that much i can do if you have any web sites that let you do that i have only found ones where i can buy the book and it gets shipped to me

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Answer by Kristen S

im not sure if this is it

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