Admiralty park has the best cliff jumping on the island and is not far from the main town of Hamilton. There is a spot called ‘cannon’ 2.57 in the video and is deep and safe at low tide. Even better is to get back up you swim up through a cave that was used by pirates in the 16 and 1700’s. Cannon is above the big beach in the cove, go up the concrete path from the beach and its on your right. You will see the pillar or ‘cannon’ that people dive off.

The bigger cliffs across the beach are up to 60ft high and (in the background at 1.57) are only safe at high tide when its about 10ft deep and even then don’t go head first! To get to them there is a path that goes from the main beach all the way around the cove and then follows the cliffs up.

Watford Bridge 2.53 seconds is a great spot and really deep, just watch out for boats! It’s located in Sandys parish just outside of Somerset Village. Jumping isn’t allowed but i haven’t seen anyone get stopped.

At Horseshoe Bay beach the best spot to jump is called ‘crown’ 0.42 in the video and is right near the main entrance to the beach. Pass the concession stand and there is a large hill you can climb on your right . About half way up follow the path right and you can jump off the side facing the ocean. About 30 ft high and deep enough at middle to high tide, low tide its only 6ft deep though so you will hit bottom. Don’t go headfirst!

Flat rock: Is the other side of Horseshoe Bay furthest from the entrance or left side if your facing the water. Go around the corner to the hidden cove and you will see the big flat rock there. I don’t recommend this, only 6ft deep at highest tide!

Launchpad: 1.14-1.21 in the vid is across from flat rock and is higher and deeper. There are two levels
you can go off and is safe at any tide. To get up there you need to climb up the path cut into the rocks to the right of the small cove, follow the path and you will see it.

Be safe, check your depth and have fun!

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