This Spot is located at the foot of Macquarie Pass near Albion Park.
Easiest way to get there is to take the Princes Highway till you get to Albion Park.
Turn off onto Tongarra road and follow it all the way through Albion Park And onto the Illawarra Highway.
From there, drive on straight until you come to the pass itself. There will be a road sign that says “Macquarie Pass national Park”.

Its in NSW, South of Wollongong. There’s only one Albion park in NSW so if they search it on google maps, they can’t go wrong.
Im not 100% on the whole country, but the highway goes up the entire eastern coast at least.
Basically you just need to get onto the Princes Highway and head towards Albion park (which the highway goes straight through). There isn’t really any easier way then that.
E.g. If you’re in Sydney, head to the princess highway and just follow it south till you get to Albion Park.

Just behind the sign there is a small dirt road that leads to a car-park.
Usually you’ll have to get out here, but if you’re lucky, sometimes the gate will be open and you can drive in further.
From here, You’ve got about a 30 minute hike along the dirt walking track till you come out at the falls.
You’ll know you’re there from the lark sink hole shape, flowing waterfall and most likely the sound of other jumpers already there.

There are various sized rocks to jump off here, great for any skill level. also, if there has been decent rain recently, the waterfall can be used as a natural water slide. Up top, there is also a smaller sinkhole with a flowing waterfall, almost like a spa. For anyone willing to test their strength, Several Rock Climbing pieces have been bolted to the wall underneath the smaller jump-rock.

Jump Stats

Sorta Safe


Nearest Address
Illawarra Highway, Albion Park, New South Wales 2527, Australia
street address
Illawarra Highway
Albion Park



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