This is more a whole canyon than a spot. Please only go there if you have at least some abseiling skills and a little canyoning experience. Its a short route but PACKED with spots. so the best is to do the whole thing. Once you entered you anyway have no other choice then going through the whole way. Steep un-climbable rock-faces where you cant exit. In the lower part there is possibility to exit. You HAVE TO bring a harness each, a rope that’s at least 2 x 25 meter for the waterfall, shoes you can wear in the water and we recommend a helmet. The slides can be pretty violent.

The best way is to have 2 cars. One acts as a shuttle.
You drive from LUZERN Switzerland on the highway direction to Alpnach-Stad. Continue on the freeway and exit at Alpnach-Dorf. After the exit comes a roundabout, take the exit on the left. Stay on the street until you cross the first little bridge. Follow the orange line on the map on the left river-bank until the cross. There is a wooden bridge and a small parking area on the gravel. Park your first car there and change into your canyon gear. Leave all the clothes in the parked car there. This is gonna be the exit point after the canyon. Then all people in the other car and drive back to the street and cross the river on the little bridge at the end. Marked on the map with the red line. Drive all the way the red line goes. At the end of the route is the first really sharp turn of the street in the forest. There is a small parking space on the left on the grass. There you leave your second car. You will see a small dirty pathway right in the bend of the street which goes up the forest. Once you reach the top there is a grass field with donkeys and lamas (be careful, the donkeys are pretty scary) ? from there you basically just have to make your way DOWN. There is not really a way and its REALLY steep. Marked on the map with the red dotted line. When you’re all the way down you can hear the river. You should see a small wooden bridge across the canyon. Cross it and walk down in the canyon itself. Get fully dressed and get ready for a wild adventure!!! There are hooks for your ropes everywhere if you dont wanna jump and they are maintained really well. The route takes around 2,5 hours and fully packed with action. After you’re through you exit to the gravel pathway on your right. Walk it down and after about 300-400m you should see your second parked car. After this 2 guys just have to drive up to the second car which is parked all the way up and drive it down to the exit point. This way you dont have to hike at all ?

SAFETY!!! ALWAYS check water depth first before you jump. The water gets REALLY muddy sometimes and you cant see the ground. Pool depth change everyday, even in hours sometimes. And NEVER go in unstable weather condition. BE SAFE but mostly ENJOY !!!!!

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