Fly to Croatia. Drive or take a bus to Dubrovnik. Go to the harbor in Dubrovnic. Take a taxi boat to the island that is just outside the harbor. You cannot miss this island (big and right there). Boats go there every 20 minutes or so. When the boat docks, follow the path to the left, along the waters edge (water
on your left). Follow this path until it ends at the beginning of the nude (clothing optional) beach. Ignore the beached whales. There will be many. They don’t bite. There is a fence separating the nude beach from the clothing beach. Go down the steps to onto the beach. The beach of big rocks, not sand. Continue
to follow this beach in the same direction (water on your left). It may take you 15 to 30 minutes to get to the end. It will end at the dive spot. The dive spot is great for swimming and diving. It is a beautiful little bay with calm and clear water. The diving is from 2 meters up to 20 meters (I am
told). I cannot judge height very well. The cliff in the picture is about 15 meters they say. Please let me know if someone finds out for sure. By the way, I was jumping naked. This was fun, but I have one MAJOR piece of advice: If jump naked, keep your feet close together. It feels like a brick hitting your **** if you don’t. Dubrovnik is also a beautiful city to visit. It rates up there with Prague. If you want to see pictures of Dubrovnik, check out my site ( It is worth a visit!

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harbor in Dubrovnic
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17 Ulica od Tabakarije
Dubrova?ko-neretvanska županija



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