This place was visited in the evening with the sun setting rapidly, so there wasn’t alot of time to muck about. We went there to have a look at the caves which apparently are even better for diving than the ones I dove in at Sarakinikos. Walking around checking the place out, I noticed a cliff that looked very jumpable. About 20m high with a vertical face, I KNEW I had to get there and jump. First though, I got my diving mask and jumped into the water. Then I swam over to the cliff to scope it out. The water wasn’t as deep as I’d hoped it would be. About 4m at the shallowest, and then getting slowly deeper to reach about 6m at a distance of, say, 50m out from the cliff. So, the sea bed was VERY flat. The bottom was perfectly even and beautiful with nothing more than sand, so touching bottom here would hardly hurt at all I thought, and then swam back to try to find my way up. The cliff wasn’t very nice up top. Quite uneven and a rough surface. No running starts here. Walked to the edge, checked to see if my “camera crew” was ready, and off I went. Didn’t touch bottom, was probably not even close. Crap landing though, but that comes from me jumping so little this summer I guess. That was probably my second and last 20+m jump for the season. Crappy! Won’t bother with directions here either. It is easy to find, just look at a tourist map.
Same goes here as with Sarakinikos, most easily accessible with car, scooter or boat. Bus probably works too. One word of caution for both spots: Walking around the cliffs can be really hard on your feet. On some places, they are smooth as marble, on some places, they are like walking on gravel, and then on some places, they are really quite sharp! I never jump with shoes on, but here, I would definitely have wanted a pair of water shoes. If (or rather WHEN) I go back for some serious cliff jumping, I will most certainly buy me a pair.

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