WARNING: Do this jump at your own risk. I was very close to being arrested. If you want to do the jump anyway, I would recommend doing the jump very early in the morning before the crowds arrive to lessen the chances of being arrested. I was in Acapulco a couple of weeks ago and I saw the professional cliff divers at La Quebrada which is located about a ten minute taxi ride from the center of town. They charge 30 pesos or $3.00 to view the performance. After the professionals were finished with their performance I waited for everyone to leave and jumped from the viewing side. The viewing side is only about 60 feet high, but still gave me a thrill. As soon as I jumped I got a little nervous because the water was a little further
away from the rock face than I thought.

I felt unfilled after jumping off the wrong side so I decided to go back a couple of days later and see if I could get to the highest point. I was able to get to the high spot by sneaking through the hotel located next to the cliff and kept waiting for the crowd to leave. Meanwhile, I knew my wife would be worrying about me so I finally had to go ahead and take a look see in spite of a few remaining tourists. As soon as I stood up on the launching pad the natives began yelling at me. I had a feeling they were not telling me to jump. I acted like I couldn’t hear them (by not looking at them) I waited a few seconds for the surf to come in and jumped. Man, what a rush. Not sure I would have enough guts to dive from that height. Supposedly, I jumped from either 35 or 42 meters. Not sure it’s quite that high, but it’s a heck of a lot higher than any cliff I’ve ever dived off of before. Probably is 90 to 100 feet high.

When I got out of the water and climbed up the other side and tried to leave I was stopped by a couple of guys. I thought about trying to bolt for it, but had a feeling a white boy in cut offs might stick out like a sore thumb, so I had to talk my way out. One of the guys was a diver so I told him he was brave and crazy. I said I would never have the guts to dive like him. In other words I kissed butt like you wouldn’t
believe. All the while the other guy was talking about calling the policia. I kept telling them I was sorry and I finally shook the divers hand. He seemed to give the guy permission to let me go. Going to a
Mexican jail would not have been a good thing. I assured them I would not do it again. (At least not til the next time I’m in Acapulco).

Jump Stats

100ft +
Super Sketch


Nearest Address
Acapulco 39390, Mexico



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