This wonderful nature paradise is called Semuc Champey, easily one of the best spots in Guatemala. In most of the main cities you can arrange a bus to take you there because its quite a tourist attraction. The nearest considerably big city is Cobán which is about two hours west southish of a town called Lanquín. many people stay in Lanquín when visiting Semuc Champey but there are places to stay in Semuc Champey as well. It is about 45 minutes in the back of a pickup truck down a dirt road from Lanquín. Semuc Champey is a national nature reserve which you must pay 50 quetzales entrance. Its pretty much a spot where a raging river passes underneath the earth through a massive unspelunkable cave, whilst part of the river creates beautiful blue pools above ground that eventually flow over as a waterfall and meet the big river again. If you start at the pools, which are very easy to find, follow the direction of the water, jumping down several small spots to the various descending levels until you’re at the big spot. Go as far left as you can on the drop off and you should see the rock with water spilling off it into a fairly slow and big circular area out of harm from the main river’s powerful current. When you find the spot jump quite far out and to the left as indicated in the video for there’s a big rock that smashed my heel up directly ahead. If you’re uncertain ask some young adventurous fellow who works there, that’s how we found out. After you jump you can climb up a fairly steep cliff to do it again or return, or I would recommend swimming as hard as you can against the current of the river into the big cave and explore around as much as you can. Also, if you’re there for sundown, a huge swarm of bats will come in. incredible place really!

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