This specific cliff is called Dreunkrans and it is 85 ft high. Loosley translated the name means “Thundering Cliff”, and it gets its name from the waves pounding into the bottom of the cliff. You can actually feel the trembling of the rock at the top as the waves hit below. The cliff is situated at a town called Hermanus, on Walker Bay.

Directions : The town of Hermanus is situated approximately 120 km east of Cape Town. Once in the town, ask for directions to Fick’s Pool. Or find the Old Harbour, and then travel on the road along the coast in a westerly direction until you see the sign for Fick’s Pool on your left (approximately 1 km.)This is a tidal pool, and is situated almost across from the cliff. Most of the coastline at this town consists of cliffs of various heights, but not all locations are jumpable. Around Ficks Pool there are a few lower jumps, between 6 and 20 feet. Once at Ficks Pool, look across to the high cliffs, and you will notice a triangular shaped rock appearing to lie on a ledge. This is called Losklip (“Loose Rock”), and is another jumpsite, approximately 75 feet in height. (However, here you have to jump far out and clear a ledge to safely land in the water.) The the left of Losklip, a bit further on, you will notice a rocky outcrop, a type of overhang with a small rocky “platform” for jumping from. This is Dreunkrans. To get to the jumpsites, walk with the footpath from Fick’s Pool along the cliffs in a Westerly direction. You will first reach Losklip. Then walk further on, until you reach the highest point of the cliff, where you will find a park bench at a lookout point. Here is also a sign indicating that it is the location of Dreunkrans. Walk towards the cliff, and look for the little rocky “platform” to jump from.

After the jump, you need to swim towards the cliff and climb out at a suitable spot. Then you need to rock-climb to the top of the cliff again. When sea conditions are rough and the waves are big (which often happens), this part can be very dangerous and sometimes even impossible. The wind can also be very strong. You also need to watch out for kelp in the water, and make sure that you miss this when entering the water during the jump.

Jump Stats

Sorta Safe


Nearest Address
20 km east of Cape Town
street address
20 Miles Road
Cape Town
South Africa



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