What these both are is a complete upside down flip while spinning around two times (720degrees)called a “misty flip” and landing feet first both of these spots are on the island of Samar the mudd cliff {20 feet} is in Gandara the mud cliff is in very remote place its not wise to not travel with out a guide.. arrive in downtown Gandara take a boat across the river cost will be 1 peso walk directly up the stairs turn right onto the road walk till you see the full gospel church and ask one of the church members to take you to the near by waterfalls. There’s lil waterfalls not in this picture its an awesome place to kick back relax and even hand wash clothes if you don’t got access to a washing machine.

The next cliff {35 feet} is a huge pool that is filled with new water every day with the changing of the tides go during low tide and there will be a nice fresh pool ready for you to jump into.. directions in
Borongan, Samar arrive downtown ask a local to direct you to the boats that travel to the island of love..
when you arrive you will be greeted by tons of locals ask one of them to take you to the cliffs into the
tide pools its about a half mile hike.. In the Phillipines there’s tons of awesome cliffs make sure your always talking to the locals they know all the hot spots..

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Sorta Safe


Nearest Address
Songco, Borongan 6800, Philippines
Borongan City



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