From Melbourne get onto City Link and head north. Follow the signs towards Bendigo. You’ll end up driving along the Calder Freeway. After about half an hour you’ll see signs to Kyneton. Don’t take the first freeway exit. Take the second exit (about 2km after the first one). At the roundabout turn right to go over the freeway. Travel along this road (road number C326) towards Edgecombe/Langley/Redesdale/Heathcote (not sure exactly what the signs say) for 11.2km. Turn left onto East Metcalfe-Langley Road (after 240m this turns into a dirt road). Follow this for 3.5km until you reach a T-intersection. Turn right and drive for 1.3km. Veer right at the fork in the road (sign should point towards Turpin Falls). Drive down here until you reach the car park after 250m.

From the car park, just walk down the path and you’ll see the cliff. At the sign that says “No jumping. Deaths have occurred here”, jump the fence and follow the smaller path down to the right. It will take you to the top of the 12m cliff. From looking at the water from the top of the cliff, you can jump from the big cliff on the right and also climb down the waterfall to access the smaller 5m or so ledges. Do not jump from the cliff on your left (the one with the R.I.P sign on it). All the other cliffs are fine. Water is extremely deep! Heard rumors from locals saying that no one has ever found the bottom of it. But whatever the case, it’s still wise to check the water for anything submerged. Getting back up the cliff is a little tricky if you don’t want to swim 80m and walk the long way around. There’s a small access point between the 20m cliff and the 12m cliff. Try and climb it here. It’s not too hard. By the way, take sunscreen cos there’s no shade! And while jumping may technically not be allowed, the location is so remote that it will never be policed to go nuts!

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Campaspe River, Kyneton, Victoria, Australia



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